Facebook is launching a new modern messaging system – and it’s not traditional e-mail

Mark Zuckerberg has just launched a new modern messaging system – “It’s not e-mail”, he says. So what is it? It reminds me a bit of Google Wave 🙂 Facebook e-mail will be rolling out over the next few months, but it’s invite only :O Facebook wants you to spend more time on Facebook – and yeah, it will work with gmail. Lucky me 🙂

Facebook is already big on messaging:
  • 350 million people use messaging on facebook
  • 4 billion messages are sent every day (including IMs) – and growing.

Mark Zuckerberg thinks that the next generation of messages are:
  • Seamless
  • Informal
  • Immediate
  • Personal
  • Simple
  • Minimal
  • Short

Facebook is answering these points by launching “the new modern messaging system”. Three main aspects will create this:

  • Seamless messaging – IM/chat, messages, text and e-mail. 
  • Conversation history
  • Social inbox

“We don’t think a modern messaging system will be e-mail”

And: Everyone gets a facebook e-mail adress e.g: Username@facebook.com Employees of Facebook will use fb.com e-mail addresses.

Will this be a flop like Google Wave?
I don’t know yet, but if this “Notmail” system demands change in behaviour and a lot of new stuff to learn, it will be a disaster for Facebook. Keep it simple and relevant.

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