Real Mark Zuckerberg meets fake Mark Zuckerberg [VIDEO]

MY GOD, Mark is so f%&¤# stiff…haha…Check this out:

Mark Zuckerberg and Jesse Eisenberg meet for the fist time when Zuckerberg surprises Eisenberg during his monologue on Saturday Night Live Show yesterday.

Sosiale medier: Om Facebook-fail, trender, cases og muligheter for næringslivet

I går holdt jeg en presentasjon i Sandefjord for en haug med entusiastiske mennesker. Masse spørsmål, latter og engasjement – akkurat slik det skal være 🙂 Her er foilene:

The naked truth about Twitter! Who is using Twitter and what are they doing on Twitter? [Infographics]

Yep. I love infographics. It’s a smart way to visualize data 🙂 This one is about Twitter – from No surprises really. What do you use Twitter for?


How do colours affect purchases? Why do banks always choose blue as their main colour? [Infographics]

This is really intersting stuff. Some key findings:

  • 85 % of shoppers place colours as a primary reason for why they buy a particular product
  • Colour increases brand recognition by 80 %
  • Remember that colour is not entirely universal. India is different from USA
  • Colours have the unique ability to attract different kind of shopper


Fantastiske Dubai :)


Her er noen bilder fra fantastiske Dubai.

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