10 best Facebook tips for brands from last month

But here is my top 10 list (cred to everyone who put it out there – especially Mari Smith and Socialbakers) about Facebook:


  1. Stop separating B2B and B2C. Its P2P – people to people. Social media is all about people.
  2. Almost 90 % of your fans don’t visit your fanpage once they “Like” you (@connectyou)
  3. Brands should post on their Facebook page 5-10 times a week (@socialbakers)
  4. Build a culture on your Facebook page. Make sure you are known for providing consistent valuable content. Be famous for amazing, genuine content.
  5. 80 character or less posts have 27% higher engagement rates (@BuddyMedia)
  6. Facebook engagement rates are 3 times higher for posts that use full length URLs (@MariSmith)
  7. We love fridays! Facebook’s “Happiness Index” spikes on Fridays and Holidays. See this
  8. Facebook wall posts receive 50% of their total Likes in the first 1 hour and 20 mins. 80% in 4 hours. (@MariSmith)
  9. Less is more in both characters & frequency for Facebook fan pages.
  10. It’s better to have a facebook fan page with 1,000 active fans, than 100,000 who rarely click or comment.

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