What’s more annoying than headphones slipping whilst running? I have found a solution :)

Earlier I have blogged about how hard it is to get headphones that stay in your ears whilst running. Adidas “heard me” and sent me a set of Sennheiser Adidas CX 680i Sports Headphones. I have put them to the test.
I have used them for some weeks now, and I’m impressed!
They are waterproof (but remember to keep your iPod/iPhone dry) and they have a feature called EarFins that help the earbuds stay stable in your ears while you are exercising. Briliant! Remember to put them in your ears correctly at the right angle – that can vary between people.
The sound and bass is actually very good and it beats the default Apple headphones 🙂 I haven’t found any better headphones yet 🙂