How to get the Mad Men look? [video]

I love the TV series Mad Men – and the look is really retro and cool. So, how do you get Don Draper’s groomed queff? How to get the classically elegant side part? Here is the video we’re all been waiting for 🙂

It’s all about LOVE! But where do you find it? And when you find it, what do you do? Do you take the chance? This is a cool shortfilm! Watch IT!


About the film: The Schweppes “Signs” short film was produced as part of the Schweppes Short Film festival last year. It’s all about LOVE! But where do you find it? If we knew, we would know where to look. Sometimes all you need is a sign.

Har du ikke sett Svenska Hollywoodfruar? Ikke?! Da har du gått glipp av noe. Serien er helt fantastisk!! Ren underholdning – og masse latter. Dette er sykt! Møt Anna Anka, Maria Montazami og Agnes Nicole Winter. De er helt fantastiske!! ;-)

Her er en parodi på programmet hentet fra SVT programmet Robins.

Har du ikke sett programmene? Hele programmene ligger på 🙂
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