Best Western Hotel City in Milan: – I’m not a bell boy. Don’t you understand that?! Do it yourself!


Isn’t it like this

You should be proud of where you work and who you work for. If you love what you do, you treat your customer well. If you hate what you do, you will hate your customers – simple as that. So if you have a bad day, you should not take it out on your customers. I wonder what the owner of Best Western Hotel City in Milan thinks about this subject?! 

I had planned to post a nice review about Best Western Hotel City. The rooms are clean and the location is okay. But I have changed my mind after meeting mr bad-mood-guy in the reception. . He should not be facing customers but work behind closed doors where he can ruin his own day. 

This is the story:

What can you expect from hotel staff? Nothing apperently if you stay in Best Western Hotel City.

As eveyone else we have to store our luggage after checking out. City hotels store room is a tiny under stairs cupboard. You can’t stand up in there, you have to crawl to get to the bags and suitcases. But don’t expect the staff to do anything.

The receptionist asked me to crouch to get to our bags because he told me that he was not a bell boy. If i needed that kind of help we should stay at a five star hotel. Best Western Hotel City is a three star hotel. – Do you understand that, he asked me.

I really hope they help people that are less able than me.

I think the other receptionist was a bit embarrassed that this bold semi aggressive guy said those things to me because he came after me to wish me a nice trip back home. Too late.

I’m not staying at this hotel again. I have written to Tripadvisor to stop or change my review!

7 responses to Best Western Hotel City in Milan: – I’m not a bell boy. Don’t you understand that?! Do it yourself!

  1. Carla

    God, is this true?! This is really bad. They should help guests with this. That receptionist should get fired. What will the management do?

  2. Christian Brosstad

    Yup. This really happenend on Sunday around 3PM. I’m gonna email the manager about this 🙂

  3. Christian Brosstad

    This is my email to Best Western Hotel City in Milan:To omar.sozuer@hotelcitymilano.itHi there, I have just come back from a weekend in Milan (14th to 16th og May), where I stayed in your hotel. From my previous experience the hotel has treated me well, but as I left on Sunday the 16th og May at 3pm, I had stored my bags in your luggage closet (which I have to say is too small and disfunctional), asking the hotel receptionist to help, he replied ‘I’m not a bell boy, don’t you understand that, if you want help, you should stay in a 5 star hotel not in this hotel’. I was completely appalled by his aggressive behaviour and tone, and I honestly hope he would help less able guests than me. You as a manager have to deal with him and his attitude towards guests, because this experience made me not want to re-visit your hotel. This intimidation by him is a serious matter, so I’m sharing my experience with everyone else (by blogging, tripadvisor, twitter etc). I’m interested to see how you will deal with this and represent the best western chain. I’m looking forward to your reply, Sincerely Christian Brosstad

  4. Credit to you Christian for spending time »Helping« the hotel by giving your honest feedback. Guest reviews is the best tool for a hotel if they want to become better.

  5. Christian Brosstad

    Thnx, Andreas 🙂 I don’t want to harm the hotel, but give them a chance to save themselves – and warn people if they don’t do anything about it.

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